Six photographs. Limited edition of twenty-five copies.

[01] Anon.: Mickey Cohen at Sands Hotel, Chicago, USA 1958

[02] Anon.: Pat Novak, sentenced for kidnapping a baby. Chicago, USA 1943

[03] Anon.: Kathleen, Jeanie,Varina Williams escaped from fire, Chicago, USA 1963

[04] Anon.: Ex-policeman charged with robbery, Chicago, USA 1960

[05] Anon.: Helen Roth as a witness to her husbands murder case, Chicago Criminal Court, USA 1958

[06] Anon.: Walter J. Woods, aged 16, recaptured after his jail escape, Chicago, USA 1960


Ever since cars have had radios, news reporters often arrive at crime scenes faster than the police. They dominate the scene until the flash lights of their cameras have faded and the cops can do their work. ›Naked City‹ is the name of a photo book by Weegee published in1945. It is this world of violence, disaster, and pleasure that profoundly shaped the American press photography. An army of photographers is delivering day by day their yield to the millions of newspapers and magazines of the mega cities, raw material for the ›spot news‹. »It’s about action, about getting in and getting the shot, capturing the thing.« Nobody is expecting perfect photos. »Photographers weren’t seen to be making journalism, just gathering facts.« Everybody is using the same camera. Even though it is necessary to change the film for every shot and the synchronized flash can neither be adjusted nor switched off, the ›Speed Graphic‹ remains unrivaled for decades. The bright flashes and the darkness of the night blend together to form a contrast of light and dark, the aesthetic that goes with ›Film Noir‹, such as the American crime movies of the 1940s and 50s, movies like Billy Wilder’s ›Double Indemnity‹ or Raoul Walsh’s ›Drive by Night‹.


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