Six Photographs. Limited edition of fifty copies.


[01] Anon.: Coffeebreak. Zirkus Sarrasani, Germany 1927

[02] Anon.: Chinese circus artist, Zirkus Busch, Germany 1920s

[03] Anon.: Elephant tamer, USA 1950s

[04] Anon. (Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey): acrobat, USA 1940s

[05] Anon.: Circus arena, USA 1940s

[06] Anon.: Juggler, France 1950s


The  era of the circus seems to be over. Left behind are stories, pictures, and the memory of the magic of the circus ring, including the clowns, tamers, horse riders, acrobats, and trapeze artists. Around 1900,  there were about about 200 large- and medium-sized circuses in Europe. There is hardly any painter of the time who did not make a reference to the circus: Georges Seurat, Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Ludwig Kirchner, Max Beckmann. Many of Kafka’s stories, like ›Auf der Galerie‹, take place  within a circus or a variety show.  Photographers too have tried to capture the aura and artistry of the circus. The most well-known are from August Sanders.

The photographs  we chose are mostly from unknown photographers. They show circus performers in the spotlight and after  the show is finished, from behind the tent and in front of the colorful touring caravan. These are pictures of a vanished world.

Our limited edition prints are archival pigment prints, produced using fine art printers on heavyweight fine cotton rag paper in Berlin. They are fixed under an acid-free, museum-quality mount and guaranteed to have light resistance and color fidelity under gallery conditions for a maximum of 50 years. Each print is branded on the back side with our specially designed Bose Prints limited edition stamp for authenticity.

This collection is limited to 50 pieces. As a set of 6 prints it is sold in a specially-made carton. Frame size: 30cm x 40cm

Price: 320,00 €